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On the Run

Hi there! I’m a real estate marketing coordinator by day, aspiring creative director by night, and this is my website. I live outside of Miami, have a camera named Queen and a car named Royal, and I like piƱa coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain and I’m slowly falling in love with the verb running.

I recently started my business Ask AnnMakir Strategic Communications which focuses on providing strategic communication services to real estate agents from headshot photography, marketing services and real estate education.

Moreover, I have continued my previous blog titled AnnMakir Journal focusing on multimedia storytelling as I travel locally and beyond. The topics vary but the people are real.

And finally, as I mentioned before I am beginning a relationship with Running so join me on this journey as I run the world. Sometimes, we laugh and other times we cry but no matter what we keep moving forward.

This is my landing page so to explore what AnnMakir’s bringing to the table just click on one of the headings above.

One of my favorite awards is a paper plate that says “Bringing that Positive Attitude” I still keep it hanging above as this is one of my life’s motifs. I am the energizer bunny – I am here to uplift, motivate and encourage. When it gets tough, you need me own your team.